Create a Tailor-Made Murmel Experience for Your Business

Create a Tailor-Made Murmel Experience for Your Business
Photo by Yasamine June / Unsplash

When we set out to build Murmel in the summer of 2021, we started with a simple proposition - deliver the best news and stories, reducing the time individuals spend scrolling online.

With time, many customers quickly distinguished themselves from the rest - that of business professionals and product owners. People did not just want the latest and greatest stories - they needed the information that mattered for their businesses. What is more, those same people wanted ways to expand beyond the single-user nature of Murmel. Naturally, they asked for options to help bring their digest and alert emails to larger audiences - team members, customers, and other stakeholder groups.

That got us to think about how we could redesign the core of our service. Murmel needs to keep the simple experience that individual customers know and love, but it should also allow us to extend the service to match particular business needs.

I am happy to announce that we have made significant progress in that direction during the past couple of months, successfully onboarding our first couple of business customers! Their use cases vary in terms of the target audience and the number and type of sources we extract knowledge from. We have also actively employed custom machine learning models to ensure the high quality of information those business customers receive from us.

During the rest of 2022, we will be happy to bring more business customers on board. This is why we have now made it easier to get in touch with us on our Pricing page. Do not hesitate to come and chat with us about what we can do to help your business succeed.

Our Pricing
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