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Peek Beyond The Headlines With Murmel's Top Stories

Getting Started Aug 17, 2021

Every story is subject to the opinion of its author. Some stories are well-researched and offer the reader different angles to look at. Others, not so much.

In the fast-paced stream of social media, we readers rarely have a chance to read an entire story from the beginning to the end, let alone consider all of its different angles. This is where context becomes critical. One of our goals with Murmel is to help deliver the broader message behind the engaging news titles and the captivating imagery. We believe that presenting multiple, sometimes opposing opinions around the same topic will help busy readers form a more objective view.

We are introducing our Top Stories page:

Murmel: Twitter's Hottest Reads
The latest thought-provoking stories from across the Twitterverse.

Top Stories sums up a large number of Twitter lists that we keep our eyes on. The result is a list of the most widely shared links across the Twitterverse over the past 24 hours. True to our mission, every item brings a discussion - a round table of opinions so that you, the reader, can get the whole picture.

Top Stories is also a great way to demonstrate how our service works - better than our best effort to describe it in words ;) Best of all, it is free for everyone! And, for those of you who use RSS daily, we have provided an option to subscribe to the feed with your favorite RSS reader. This way, you will never miss an essential piece of news, or a read-worthy story shared across the Twitterverse.

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