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Our Weekend Reads #02

Weekend Reads Oct 8, 2021

Welcome to the second edition of our Weekend Reads series.

Every week, we will publish several articles that made it among our Top Stories. Like you, we are voracious readers, craving for that extra bit of thought-provoking twist and careful use of words that make a great story. This is what we hope to pick for our readers every week.

Here are the seven stories we picked for you this week:

Adele is Vogue’s November Cover Star!
Adele is known for disappearing from the public eye for long stretches of time. This reemergence is different.
Why Grow?
Basecamp has always prided itself on staying small and lean. But, with two major products, we’re going to change that. The question when looking to grow, however, is “why?”
Giving Birth in the End Times
Writer Emily Holleman stares down the apocalypse and into the terrifying optimism of motherhood.
A ‘Historic Event’: First Malaria Vaccine Approved by W.H.O.
Malaria kills about 500,000 people each year, about half of them children in Africa. The new vaccine isn’t perfect, but it will help turn the tide, experts said.
You Are What You Consume
When you choose what media to consume, you are choosing your future thoughts and perspectives and opinions.
Your Money and Your Life
Central Bank Digital Currencies will ransom our future