Get the Best Out of Your Home Timeline With Two Simple Clicks

Get the Best Out of Your Home Timeline With Two Simple Clicks
Photo by Jonas Z├╝rcher / Unsplash

Murmel's key advantage is finding related stories in one's Twitter timeline and grouping them together. What makes the task especially challenging is that different people's timelines vary significantly in quantity and variety of topics. Some people prefer to follow a small group of closely related individuals (e.g., interested in a particular topic). Others follow a large variety of people, hoping to catch the latest news and trends as they emerge.

To ensure you always get the best experience out of Murmel, we have added two simple controls on top of your timeline.

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Tweak your home timeline for an optimal experience

The key to a great experience with a timeline like ours lies in the balance between two dimensions:

  • The time window you want to observe.
  • The minimum number of people who mention the same story.

This works equally well for the two groups of people I mentioned at the beginning. People who don't follow many accounts can set the time window to be greater than one or two days. On the other hand, those who follow many accounts can go with a higher threshold of mentions to get the highly discussed news and stories.

By default, Murmel will display any link, news, or story mentioned by at least one person within the last 24 hours. Depending on your preferences, you can play around with both dimensions to see what works best.

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